Rambo was involved in every aspect of the park’s design, including all the adventures based on his life, an area dedicated to Rambo’s military
and even a restaurant on site serving up classic American fare
such as burgers and fries.
"I came back to the world, but
the world ain't what it was,"
said Rambo, “that’s why I created Rambo Adventures.” It was a long and difficult project, but worth it in the end, according to Rambo.
“After all” he said, "Life is worth living if you take risks."
Choose Your Adventure:
RPG firing range
Do your kids enjoy blowing things up in video games? Now they can do it for real!
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Crush some Commies Tank Ride
You’re no tourist! You’re here to kick some Commie butt!
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Hand grenade toss
Fun for the whole
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Army Helicopter rides
See the enemy from above and be their worst nightmare!
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Have a "All four adventures" in one
all day special tour package :
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